Respond to changing workforce demands with best-practice workforce strategies from top public and private organisations 

There are major shifts rippling throughout the business market. The impact of the global economic downturn, digital disruption, technology advancements and changing workforce demographics to Australia’s workforce is massive. These changes and the demand for more workplace flexibility and diversity have exposed many current workforce planning procedures as archaic and have highlighted the need for change.
Organisations across the public and private sector have started or are already on their way to changing their workforce internally and externally to be more agile, flexible, digital-savvy and multi-skilled. However, the complexity of the issues faced has made it challenging for many organisations to ensure that they can future-proof their current workforce and also have the necessary strategic workforce planning capability to build their workforce of the future. 

Are you interested to know how leading organisations are shaping their workforce strategies? Can you ensure your current workforce is equipped to make the transition to new market conditions? Do you want to know how to future proof your workforce?

Workforce Planning for Restructure, Flexibility & Digitalisation is a unique and comprehensive platform which brings together leading practitioners from both private and public sector organisations to exchange knowledge and insights on how to develop effective workforce plans that aligns workforce strategy to business goals in the midst of ever-changing economical, technological and social change.
Do not miss this premier event to benchmark and learn best-practice from top leaders in workforce planning, analytics and management. Get all your questions answered, plus have the opportunity to network with peers that are dealing with similar challenges you are facing. 


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  1. The impact of major workforce shifts on Australia’s workplace 
  2. What does the workforce of the future look like?
  3. How to unlock the value of your workforce and maximise returns through analytics?
  4. Transform your workforce to align with the company’s needs during restructuring
  5. Address workforce challenges by incorporating flexibility and organisational agility


Directors, Heads, Specialists and Senior Managers who are responsible for:

  • Human Resources
  • Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Organisational / Workforce Development
  • Workforce Optimisation
  • Workforce Analytics

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